Control Unit  

The ClinoStar is controlled by a tablet with pre-installed software.

The software allows you to adjust environment conditions (CO₂, temperature) for each ClinoStar unit independently.

You can also adjust the speed of each bioreactor from 1 to 100 rpm in 0.1 rpm steps (clockwise or anticlockwise).

Any bioreactor can be inspected at any time so you can check how your experiment is progressing and capture images for future publications or documentation. 

Worried about infections? There’s a UV-C decontamination LED to sweep the ClinoStar clean again.

The software is intuitive and optimized for working in lab conditions (bright lights, or with surgical gloves).

It allows you to control several – or many (up to 50!) – ClinoStars simultaneously.

Finally, the smooth glass surface of the unit makes it is easy to clean making it an ideal tool for the demanding conditions of the cell culture labs.

Technical Data 

  Control unit 
Screen size  10,1″
Screen resolution  1920 x 1200 
Processor  Octa-Core 1,8 GHz, 1,6 GHz
Operating system  Android 
Memory  32 GB 
Battery  6150 mAh 
Card slot  Micro SD 
Software information Software release notes – press here

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