Video guides

ClinoStar Unboxing

How to unbox ClinoStar upon arrival

Media change

A step by step guide to the process of media change in a ClinoReactor with minimal disturbance of the spheroids or organoids within.


During formation of spheroids or organoids the constructs can form irregular shapes or sizes. To ensure uniformity, optimal growth and reduce the risk of clumping it is necessary to re-move/reduce the irregularities. This procedure is referred to as gardening and it is recommended to do simultaneously with a media change or when transferring spheroids or organoids to a new ClinoReactor™. This procedure is performed more often for the young spheroid cultures. It will assure that uniform spheroid populations enter the experimental set up. It should be noted that the spheroid shape and size differences could be attributed to the experimental set up and such should be noted and handled accordingly to particular experimental set up