Introducing: ClinoStar 2 

Have you ever considered how to unleash the hidden potential of cell communication
and tissue formation? The ClinoStar system is at the forefront of this scientific pursuit,
offering a solution that raises a provocative question: Why is it crucial for researchers
to embrace the clinostat principle and eliminate shear stress in their work?

Shear stress is a mechanical force exerted by fluid flow on cells. When cells encounter excessive shear stress, they undergo mechanotransduction, triggering changes in gene expression and protein synthesis.

By using ClinoStar 2, you’ll avoid this.

Blastocyst graphic.

In vivo just moved closer: Experience ClinoStar 2

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Blog: The majority of cells never encounter shear stress.

Why should yours? 

The majority of human cells never encounter shear stress. However, when flowing media past the cells, like in traditional 3D Cell Culture systems, you often introduce excessive shear stress to your cells.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance and advantages of reducing the introduction of shear stress to your cell cultures and how you can avoid it.

ClinoStar 2 features

Control the temperature, CO2, O2 (optional), and
the individual rotational speed of the six clinostat axles.

Monitor your constructions in each reactor
through six live feed cameras.

4 to 6 times as much biomass per volume of media
compared to traditional cell culture systems.

The inbuilt humidification system minimises the risk of
infections and secures constant media volume.

Hypoxia unit for ClinoStar 2

Explore the frontier of 3D cell culture with the Hypoxia Unit for ClinoStar 2! From oxygen levels at 12% like in the lung to 0.1% like in tumor environments. Achieve physiological oxygen levels effortlessly.

Chosen features

  • Regulate oxygen levels in ClinoStar 2
  • Quick attainment of the media’s oxygen level set point
  • Simplifies short-term handling procedures, such as microscopy observation and documentation

CelVivo Cloud

Connecting Your Research to the Cloud

It’s never been easier to control, monitor, and manage your cell culture. With CelVivo Cloud, your ClinoStar can be remotely controlled from any internet-enabled device – anywhere in the world! 

The online software platform makes it easy to adjust the climate settings in your ClinoStar through control of temperature, CO2, and O2. 

Other Features

  • Access your ClinoStar through multiple devices from anywhere.
  • Monitor your cultures and adjust individual rotational speeds as they progress.
  • Keep a register of changes and updates through the event log.
  • Automatic UV-C decontamination cycles can be remotely initiated.
  • Give team members individual control over certain ClinoStars.

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