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TitleTissuesOriginsCell typesCell nameCell CloneMorphologiesAggregation methodsPublication URLProtocolSummaryhf:tax:ept_publication_tissuehf:tax:ept_publication_originhf:tax:ept_publication_cell-typehf:tax:ept_publication_morphologyhf:tax:ept_publication_aggregation
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HepG2/C3A) cell-based 3D model for genotoxicity testing of adherent microwell setup for a ClinoReactor

Hepatic 3D cell models have more complex structure and improved metabolic capacity compared to 2D.

Characterization of an Alginate Encapsulated LS180 Spheroid Model for Anti-colorectal Cancer Compound of Spheroids and Organoids