ClinoStar ®

The ClinoStar is a clinostat CO₂ incubator which allows you to culture cells in 3D.

A tablet is used to control the temperature, CO₂ level and each of the 6 clinostat motors are (independently) controlled using an intuitive software.

The CO₂ and temperature in the chamber is blended by a centrally located fan to ensure a precise, homogeneous growth environment.



  • Each reactor has an associated motor which can spin the reactor slowly. The speed of the motor can be precisely controlled individually using a tablet. The tablet can control multiple units.
  • A fan is installed in the chamber for ventilation purposes to ensure a uniform environment within the chamber.
  • For decontamination a UV-C beacon is placed in the chamber.
  • 6 individual cameras allow monitoring of each bioreactor in real-time.
  • The door has a push to open mechanism allowing the user to open the door with the elbow, so the hands of the user can be used for holding bioreactors.
  • The unit has a small footprint and can be stacked up to 3 units high.

Technical Data 

CO2 range [Vol.-% CO2] 0-10%
CO2 measurement IR
CO2 pressure inlet 0.8 atm
Temperature data
Temperature range 6 °C above ambient temperature to 20 ºC above ambient
Temperature regulation accuracy ± 0.25ºC
Electrical data
Rated Voltage [V] 230 / 110
Power frequency [Hz] 50/60 Hz
Nominal power [W] 65
Phase (Nominal voltage) 1~
Internal diameter 305 mm
Internal depth 80 mm
External dimensions (W x H x D) 45 x 42 x 25 cm
Closing mechanism Push to open mechanism
Cameras 6 cameras are placed opposite to each axel
Camera resolution 5 Megapixel


Incorporated method UV-C LED (Only when door is closed) 30 mA
Capacity 6 axles
Speed range (min-1) 0 – 100
Speed Accuracy ±1 %
Direction Clockwise and anticlockwise
Control The speed of each axel can be controlled individually
Device Tablet based
Communication method Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Screen size 10,1
Screen resolution 1920 x 1200
Units to control 50
high-power UV LED Only when door is closed
Vertical stacked configurations Up to 3 units
Cluster configuration Up to 50 units


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