Selected Protocols


Sterile hood 


Pipette boy and sterile disposable pipette 

(for 50 ml volume) 

Electronic or manual single channel pipette, 10200 µl  

Sterile tips  

(for 10-200 µl volume)   

2 x sterile 10 ml syringes 

2 x sterile syringe needles 
(1.2 x 40mm, or 2.1 x 80mm recommended) 

Optical inverted microscope with camera and objectives (4x or 10x) 


Low adherent microwell plate 

10 ml Bioreactor 

Electronic or manual single channel pipette, 1001000 µl  

Sterile tips  

(for 100-1000 µl volume)   

Sterile pipette tips, 10-200 µl volume, wide bore  

Automated Cell Counter (e. g.Scepter, Millipore and tips for 60µl volume) 

Rack for 50 ml conical centrifuge tubes 

sterile 50 ml conical centrifuge tubes 

Below is an example of protocols which you can do download as a registered user.

We have protocols within:

  • Media change 
  • Splitting spheroids 
  • ATP assay 
  • Protein determination 
  • Glucose determination 
  • Single cell suspension 
  • Q-spheroids 
  • And others…. 

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