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Professor Simone Sidoli 
Tissue: Liver
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Investigating the accessibility of Chromatin Domains in health and science

What do you do, when your methods can’t be applied to animals or biopsies? The researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine found the solution in 3D cell culture technology. 

See how Simone and his group have utilized the ClinoStar system to grow spheroids and investigate the accessibility of chromatin domains in health and disease. 

Associate Professor Adelina Rogowska-Wresinska 
Tissue: Liver
University of Southern Denmark

Hepatocytes-based spheroids: Mimicking in vivo cell physiology as closely as possible

How can you use HepG2/C3A spheroids to study hepatocytes?

Hear how Adelina and her group have used the ClinoStar system to create a hepatocytes-based model for the analysis of lipids and glucose toxicity in the context of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and metabolic syndrome.

Associate Professor Adelina Rogowska-Wresinska 
Tissue: Liver
Professor Chrisna Gouws
Tissue: Liver, Lung, skin & Colon
Pharmaceutical Sciences, North Western University, South Africa

Mini-tumors as models for anticancer evaluation of medicinal plants

How do you bridge the gap between in vitro studies and the human in vivo system? 

Learn how Chrisna from NWU in South Africa uses the ClinoStar system to develop novel three-dimensional spheroid models to better mimic cancer cell behavior in vivo when studying cancer treatments. Including colorectal, lung, nasal, and skin cancer mini-tumors.

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