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Q: How to do a factory reset on a ClinoStar?

A: Should you experience issues with your ClinoStar, you can try and perform a factory reset. All data and settings will be lost and an initial setup needs to be performed. Be aware that all data on the ClinoStar will be permanently and irrecoverably erased. Have the QR code and password sheet ready when setting up the system again, have the sheet has been lost contact support@celvivo.com.

Follow these instructions to do a factory reset of the ClinoStar system.

  1. Press the small reset button located on the back side of the ClinoStar with a small pin (see ‘G’ in figure 3 in the ClinoStar manual).
  2. ClinoStar front-LED to flash red, green, and blue.
  3. Open and close the front door two times while the LED flashes to initiate a factory data reset.
Q: My tablet is slow or freezing, is there something I can do?

A: usually a restart of the device can resolve many common issues with the tablet and increase performance. Press and hold the power/lock button to switch off the device.

Q: Do I have to use the water supplied by CelVivo to hydrate the ClinoReactors?

A: Yes, any sterile water will suffice.

Q: Can I reuse the ClinoReactors?

A: No. After 10 days of use the membrane in the ClinoReactor will clot and suffocate the cells inside, to continue the experiment the ClinoReactor should be exchanged.  Misuse will void the warranty.

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