when the clinostar met the future


Anne Agger


Doctoral Fellow
Centre of Functional Tissue Reconstruction
University of Oslo



At the Centre of Functional Tissue Reconstruction (FUTURE) at the University of Oslo, Professor Reseland and Dr Samara have employed the ClinoStar platform and have been working towards several lineages of innovative models to study hypoxia.

Anne Agger, shares her preliminary findings, the structural changes in fibroblast spheroids cultivated for 14 days under both normoxic and hypoxic conditions. Through immunofluorescent labeling, the magenta-acetylated tubulin staining enables the visualization of reduced primary cilia, suggesting downstream molecular effects of targeted hypoxia.

Meanwhile, actin in yellow vividly illustrates the heterogeneous morphological transformation of the rim of the spheroid. Notably, hypoxia exerts significant effects on various cytokine profiles, underscoring its substantial impact on cellular responses and signaling pathways. This impact is particularly pronounced in the secretion of cytokines like VEGFa, MCP1, IL6, IL8, and more, as demonstrated in the graph where we monitored cytokine
secretion over time.

These findings underscore the importance of valid in vitro models that can shed light on the intricate cellular responses to hypoxia.

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