The ClinoReactor (patent pending) is an all-in-one bioreactor. The front wall of the chamber is also a lid which can be clicked on and off as desired giving full access to the chamber in a petri-dish manner.

The vents in top of the ClinoReactor ensures a constant flow of air over the membrane allowing CO₂ to be in equilibrium with the media inside the cell chamber. This can be useful for sampling or adding and removing large constructs.

The ClinoReactor has its own humidification system for minimizing the risks of infections and keeping the volume constant in the incubation chamber. The ClinoReactor has feet allowing it to stand unsupported making media exchange easy. Media exchange is done via the top vial and can be performed within a couple of minutes.



  • Advanced bioreactor which allows you to culture cells as spheroids
  • Comes single wrapped
  • Has a 10 mL growth culture chamber
  • The humidification system consisting of water beads ensure constant volume of media.
  • A semi-permeable membrane ensure that growth media is in equilibrium with the CO₂ content in the incubator
  • The transparent front lid can be removed giving access to a petri-dish like cell culture chamber
  • Access ports together with the stand-up function allow easy exchange of media
  • The front port allows easy sampling of spheroids

Technical Data 

  ClinoReactor 10004-12
Packing  12 vessels (12 x 1 vessels) 
Growth volume  10 mL 
Operating time in incubator  10 days 
Shelf life  2 years 
Purity grade  Sterile, Non-cytotoxic 
Sterilsation  e-beam 
Material housing  polypropylene 
Membrane  0,2 µm PTFE membrane 
Top valve material  polypropylene 
Lid valve material  polystyrene

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