How to work​

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How to work​
Microwell start-up Transfer to bioreactor​

Microwell start-up

Day -1:​

  • HepG2/C3A cells were seeded into each of the wells of the low adherent microwell plate at a seeding density of 1.2 × 106, ​
  • Centrifuged for 3 min at 120 x g​
  • The cells were incubated in the low adherent microwell plate overnight to ensure aggregation​
  • Consumables needed (link)​

Transfer to bioreactor​

Day 0:​

  • Spheroids were detached from the microwell gently washing the wells with pre-warmed growth medium ​
  • Detached spheroids quality was determined using a light microscope. ​
  • Selected spheroids were then placed into bioreactors cultivated at 37 °C, 5% CO2, 95% air for 21 days ​
  • Consumables needed (link)​